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Professional and Commercial Painting Services in Adelaide
Commercial Painting in Adelaide



No matter the type of commercial property you own or manage an office building, medical or dental office, state or federal building, apartment complex, or even a university or school, you don’t have time to deal with old, chipped, cracked, or peeling paint. A fresh coat of paint can do wonders. This simple tweak can improve your employees’ productivity, create a more welcoming environment for your customers or clients, and improve the cleanliness of your building.

Residentail & Commercial Painters in Adelaide
Leighbury Commercial Painting and Wood Staining Reconditioning in Adelaide


We offer quality and affordable House Painting Services. Years of service in the painting industry makes us the right choice to get the job done for you. We know how difficult it is to find a quality painting service at the price you can afford, and so this prompted us to offer our services for every type of residential facilities. Whether you own a single-storey home, duplex, apartment, or any other type of residential building, we can surely deliver the type of painting craftsmanship that you deserve.

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Staining & Varnish

Stained timber finishes can add a luxurious richness and warmth to any home. Finishes such as varnish and staining solutions are designed to bring out the grain and enhance the natural qualities of your timber.

Staining & Varnish Services in Adelaide
Staining & Varnish
Leighbury Wallpaper Removal and Hanger Services in Adelaide


When used effectively, wallpaper can transform your room from bleak to chic, show-off your style, make a statement or even create an interesting piece of textured art! When consulting on wallpaper, we’ll take the space, architectural features and lighting into account to suggest the best placement for an attractive feature. After gauging your style and overall aim, we’ll then present you with a range of sample wallpapers to suit. Removing old wallpaper, prepping and achieving a smooth finish can be quite a task, we can handle that for you too. Wallpapering is a great way to give your home a unique look that reflects your design style. Create a feature wall which is contemporary, unique and memorable. Let us help you choose the right statement for your home to complete your look perfectly.

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